G.R.O.W. | Gillian Reid Optimal Wellness Consulting
Gillian Reid Optimal Wellness Consulting is an integrative psychotherapy and holistic nutrition experience focusing on mindfulness. Gillian Reid spent years working with people to manage their stress and optimize mental performance.
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mind·ful lead·er

A business owner, entrepreneur, teacher or professional who understands that when they experience stress, their clients feel it too. They remain level-headed and calm despite conditions which makes them effective problem-solvers. They sustain high performance and have strong resiliency even in the face of challenges. They see their business as a long-term investment which starts with themselves.

G.R.O.W. helps our clients expand their businesses

by focusing on the inside to improve the outside. We use mindfulness in combination with neuroscience, psychotherapy and self-compassion techniques to train minds in a way that helps our clients lead with presence and authenticity. Our clients feel more relaxed, have better focus and concentration, improved time management, greater productivity, innovation and creativity. They experience deepened relationships with the people they work with, increased levels of trust, higher compliance and better client results.

When something difficult happens — a client criticizes your work, a partner breaks up with you, you fail on a project — there’s an emotional response. Before you can articulate why, you have the urge to punch somebody, devour a dozen donuts or hide in your bed with the curtains drawn.



That’s the spot where you allow the discomfort of that reaction to just be there. You offer it a cup of tea and the remote. You see it sitting with you and notice, What am I feeling? Why am I feeling this way? How do I want to respond? You realize that your first reaction may not be as leader-like as the one you have the power to create when you are aware and resilient.

I’m Gillian from G.R.O.W.

I’m an integrative mental health therapist who helps professionals manage stress and build resilience so that they can rise to their full potential in work and in life. G.R.O.W. uses a combination of mindfulness and psychotherapy techniques to help our clients become clear, focused, decisive and responsive without getting derailed by personal triggers, self-limiting stories, and overwhelm. When our clients grow mindful, they lead with presence and authenticity.

Resilience is most available to people curious about their own line of thinking and behaving.
 Brene Brown, 3x New York Times bestseller, Social Work professor, top 5 most viewed TED talk.

Join the G.R.O.W. Space

This group is for leaders who are ready to explore their own self-growth in order to grow in their profession. In this space, we share scientific information on the mind, with motivation, support and inspiration to help you along the way. Live talks, guided meditations and freebies make a regular appearance!

Our mind wanders approximately 47% of the time. That’s almost HALF of our lives we are not hearing what people tell us, noticing what is in front of us, and missing opportunities.